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Welcome to the home of the Australasian International Model Horse Club! 

The AIMHC is dedicated to the wonderful world of model horse collecting. All over the world, thousands of people are enjoying horses and ponies in the form of miniature models – from young children to adults and grandparents, there are no age barriers in the world of the model equine – your imagination is the key!

No matter what breeds or brands you are interested in, there are many others just like you who have been captivated by model horses. Whether you are interested in playing with them, participating in photo, online or real live model horse shows, just love admiring the little critters, or seriously into collecting expensive pieces of artwork of the equine, AIMHC has something to offer you.

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Article Of Choice

How to Host a Photo Show
by Danielle Seivers

How to Host a Photo Show
Once you have entered a few photo shows and gained some experience, holding your own photo show is a fantastic way of seeing other people’s work and a great source of ideas for improving your own photos. Remember, the bigger your class list, the more work the show will be, so start with a small show.

You will be responsible for receiving the entries, judging the show, typing and
...(read more)