AIMHC Membership

Membership to AIMHC entitles you to lots of benefits:

  • receive our quarterly newsletter by mail or email;
  • nominate models for the annual Horse of the Year Awards and Roll of Merit scheme;
  • enter the Club`s Standard photo shows, plus other member-run photo and live shows;
  • enter any other members-only events;
  • make lots of new friends in your state and around Australia and the world, and
  • the chance to win ribbons, models and other prizes in competitions.

Membership Types

Regular Membership

This allows you to receive a hardcopy newsletter in the mail four times per year, plus receive all the benefits above. 

Our membership periods are based around production of our quarterly newsletter. The fees for a full year of regular (hard copy) membership are:

  • Australia: $20.00 AUD
  • For other countries, please enquire.

The above prices are for a full year from January to December.

Online Membership

An online membership will allow you to receive the newsletter in a digital format (PDF, via email), plus the benefits above.

No matter where you are in the world, or when you choose to join, an online membership costs just $5 AUD for one year (January to December). This is because there are no mailing or production costs.

Joint/Family Memberships

Joint memberships are available at no extra charge if only one newsletter is required. If additional hardcopy newsletters are required to be sent to the same address, please add $6.00 extra per additional newsletter per year (available within Australia only).

Membership Period

The membership period covers 1st January to 31st December. For members who join outside of this period, you`ll be issued with a partial membership to tide you through to the end of the year as a member, and then you may rejoin in the new year for a full year of membership.

To join, please click here.


When memberships are due for renewal (from 1st December), announcements will be made via the club`s Facebook page, as well as a mass email, to ensure that no one misses out. A renewal form can be found on this website as well as on the forum and newsgroup, but a form isn`t necessary to renew; an email or letter to the Editor along with payment and your member details will ensure your membership is continued. Renewals close 31st January of each year.