The AIMHC is associated with several model horse clubs that are run by members of the AIMHC. These clubs are operated independently to the AIMHC, but may advertise through AIMHC. For more information on these clubs, please contact them directly.

Orange Blossom Western Circuit

The Objective of the Orange Blossom Western Circuit (OBWC) is to provide education regarding classes traditionally associated with Western breeds: Appaloosa, Paint, and Quarter Horse. We also cater for Pony of the Americas (POA).

The OBWC offers four photo shows per year, which are restricted to the four breeds outlined above. Any interested person may enter these shows.

In addition the OBWC offers its own High Point and ROM systems. These awards are restricted to members of the Orange Blossom Western Circuit. Membership costs $2 per year and is payable to Bette Thatcher.

For more information, contact Bette Thatcher (02-6889-5568) or email Joanna Richardson.

The official class list can be found in each AIMHC newsletter. The photo show is held on the weekend following the AIMHC Standard photo shows each quarter.