Photo Show Rules

Recognised Club Rules

These rules are general for all AIMHC Standard photo shows, and any member shows whose judges wish to use these rules. Shows that require these rules do so to ensure that all entries are judged fairly and correctly. Not all member shows will operate by these rules, but it is good practice to ensure that all of your photos comply.

If you intend to enter a show that uses Recognised Club Rules, then your photos must include all the following information.

Required Horse Information

  • Name
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Colour
  • Finish
  • Registration number (if registered)
  • Performance explanations

Suggested Horse Information

  • References for unusual breeds and/or colours


Required Member Information

  • Name
  • Address

See the How to Enter page for detailed descriptions and examples of this information, and how to present your photo show labels neatly. The Horse Registration page has information on how to choose a breed and other information for your models.

The quarterly AIMHC Standard Shows are hosted by volunteer judges. Members may advise the Editor if they are interested in hosting one of these shows. Monies raised from show fees are required to be sent on to the Editor, as these shows are our main money-raising efforts for each year and contribute to prizes for the Horse of the Year awards, advertising, etc.

Accepting a position of show host for the AIMHC shows is an important responsibility. Due to the size of these shows, it can take up to two weeks for judging to be completed! If there are any problems experienced once you have agreed to host the show, it is very important that the host contacts the Editor as soon as possible so that any delays in judging can be kept to a minimum. If for any reason the host cannot judge the show, the Editor can make alternative arrangements.

The class lists for the standard shows are printed in every March newsletter, are available below and also on the club`s newsgroup and forum. They can also be obtained either via email or by sending a SASE to the Editor for a printed copy.

There are four Standard halter shows and four Standard performance shows held each year. Two halter shows are for Original Finish (OF) models, while the other two are for Customised (CM) and Artist Resin (AR) models. The Standard halter show was originally combined with all finishes in one show, but has since been split for quicker turnaround of results and photo return.

Visit the Standard Shows page for the class lists.


Equipment Guide

AIMHC has compiled a list of common equipment guidelines for many popular performance classes. This information has been recovered from many different breed and event associations and organisations, all of which are listed at the end of the guidelines.

The rules listed here should not be taken as solid evidence, as organisations can and do regularly change their rules and equipment requirements. Some associations may also have rules that are different to those from other associations or clubs. As the information here is basic, you should always do your own research!

Equipment Guide (PDF)