Upcoming Shows

Upcoming live and photo shows, hosted by club members. Class lists are published in the AIMHC newsletter. If you are interested in entering, please contact the show host or the club Editor for further information.

Most shows are open to non-members as well, but check the show`s rules to be sure.

Only shows open to the general public will have their class lists published online. Standard photo shows are the exception to this; these class lists are provided online as a reference for our members only. To protect the privacy of our members, their details have been removed from the show ads; please consult your newsletter, or email the club to find out where to send your photos.

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X AIMHC members only


Live Shows Photo Shows
  • September 2018 quarter:
  • December 2018 quarter:
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  • March 2019 quarter:
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  • June 2019 quarter:
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