How to Nominate for ROM

Models must be registered with the AIMHC to be eligible for ROM nomination, and the owner must be a current financial member. The ROM is not a separate registry as such, but rather a record of recognising successful show models. Points from all spheres of model horse showing count towards the National ROM, including photo, live and online shows, and includes points from shows held here in Australia and from overseas. Shows do not have to be advertised in the AIMHC newsletter for points to count towards the ROM. All shows refer to the same table of points below.

To be eligible for a combined ROM award, at least 100 points must be earned at Club Standard photo shows. This does not apply to the live show ROM.

Standardised Points Scoring








Reserve Champion or Best Opposite Sex










Grand Champion




Supreme Champion or Supreme Exhibit






Superior Horse of Show






Please note that there are no points awarded for Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Supreme Champion/Exhibit etc.



Honourable Mention


When totaling your points, please refer to the ‘Standardised Points Scoring’ table above. All shows used towards ROM point totals should be used with this table of points only.

AIMHC Standard photo shows always award double points. No other show has this benefit.

Submitting IMEHA points

If a model wins the following award, please give the points for the equivalent award listed:

  • Grand Champion of a category (for example, Division P9 Working English Horse): award points as for Champion
  • Reserve Champion of a category: award points as for Reserve Champion
  • Overall Champion of a division (such as Division P11): award points as for Grand Champion
  • Overall Reserve Champion of a division: no points awarded

 For other awards:

  • Best Horse in Show: award as for Superior Horse of Show
  • Overall Champion (if highest award in that show): award as for Supreme Champion
  • Overall Champion (if second-highest award in that show): award as for Grand Champion

If you have received an award that is not listed, please contact the ROM Coordinator to find out the appropriate amount of points to allocate.

Submitting for ROM

Once a model has earned enough points for a particular category, the owner may send the following details to the National ROM Coordinator:

  • model`s name,
  • AIMHC registration number,
  • breed,
  • sex, and
  • finish,

together with details of the points earned at shows (see below for an example). Nominations may be sent through at any time of the year. All points earned from placings (1st-10th) and superior placings (such as Champion or Supreme Exhibit) are added together for one total number.

ROM submission example

If you are sending nominations for one horse but for both the combined and live show ROM, please include a seperate points form for the live show ROM. Send each model`s point sheet to the National ROM Coordinator for recording. If you are nominating a model for a number of awards (i.e., not just the lowest award but one or more above it as well), you may choose to claim all of the awards your model is eligible for, or just the highest. If you do choose to claim all awards the model is eligible, you need to be sure to include payment for each award.

For ease, you may choose to use a cover sheet, detailing the horse`s name, the number of points earned, and what awards they are claiming, on top of your nomination forms. This makes it clear to you as to what payment you need to include and what awards to expect back, and makes the ROM Coordinator`s job a little easier.


Award Levels

The AIMHC has two separate Rolls of Merit: the combined, and the live show ROM. Their award levels are listed below.

Combined ROM Awards


Live Show ROM Awards

Points Required


Points Required



Roll of Merit (+ROM)


 Amber (+AM)


Bronze (+BR)


 Ruby (+RR)


Silver (+SR)


 Sapphire (+SP)


Gold (+GR)


 Opal (+OR)


Platinum (+PR)


 Emerald (+ER)


Diamond (+DR)


 Pearl (+PL)


When your nomination is confirmed, a certificate will be sent to you which recognises the model`s level of achievement attained. You may use the award as an addition to your model`s name in advertisements.

The combined ROM now offers flat lapel ribbons for selected award levels. These beautiful flat ribbons are a perfect way to mark your model`s achievements in the club`s Roll of Merit scheme. The yellow ribbon, with green foil printing, is available at 2000 points (Bronze award), while the green ribbon, with gold foil printing, is for the 5000-point (Gold) award. Each ribbon is 42cm long and 5cm high.

ROM lapel awards

The 10000-point award (Diamond) offers a beautiful two-tier satin rosette in the club colours.

ROM rosette award

The flat ribbons are $2 each, and the rosette is $5, and all are optional; if you would prefer to only receive the certificate for the award, then please enclose a note with your ROM nominations.

Certificates cost 10 cents per award (stamps are okay as a means of payment). When sending nominations please include all of the horses` details as listed above.  Payments can either be made in cash or money order (sent to the Coordinator with your nominations) or direct deposit (paid to the club`s bank account). Remember that you must include an A5-sized SASE for return of your certificates/details. If you do not include a SASE, you may not receive your certificates.

The live show ROM currently only offers certificates with awards.

FAQ: Once I have used live show points in the combined ROM, can they be counted again in the live show ROM?
Yes, live show points are effectively used twice if you choose to nominate for both ROMs. If nominating at the same time, you should include one form with your combined ROM points (including the live show points), and then another sheet for the live show ROM points. Using an index sheet will help you keep everything straight.

FAQ: What if there is more than one model in a photo? How are the points allocated?
If there are multiple models in a photo, such as in a progeny class where all of the models in the photo are being judged, points are awarded to each model. (For example, if the photo comes second in the class, then each model in that photo will earn nine points.) However, if there are multiple models in a photo, such as a performance entry, but only the one model actually being judged and the other models in the set-up are used as props, then only the model being judged will earn points.

FAQ: What if a model is sold?
Points that were earned by the model while owned by a previous owner remain with the model if it is sold. It is the model earning the points, not the owner, so if you sell a model be sure to send the model`s ROM points sheets to the new owner.

If an established show model is sold, and the new owner decides to change all of the model`s details, such as its name, breed, etc, then any points previously earned do not count under the model`s new identity. The model must start afresh in accumulating points for the National ROM.

FAQ: Can I use points that my model has earned elsewhere when I wasn`t an AIMHC member?
Yes, any points that your model has earned at any time can be used for calculating ROM awards.