National Roll of Merit

AIMHC has its own Roll of Merit scheme that recognises successful show models owned by club members. This nationwide merit program keeps a record of what points models have earned at shows, via each model`s owner. Two ROM systems are in place: one that collects all points earned at photo, online and live shows, and another for only live show points.

Points are earned throughout the life of the model, and along the way various categories indicate how successful the model has been. Certificates, ribbons and rosettes can be earned, and indications of what level the model has attained on the ROM can be used in advertising and stud features the model`s nomination has been approved. The club newsletter also features a regular `ROM Spotlight` article on awarded models.

To be eligible for any combined ROM award, at least 100 points must be earned at Club Standard photo shows.

When totaling your points, please refer to the `Standardised Points Scoring` table below.

[points table]

Combined ROM

The combined ROM uses points from photo shows, online shows, and live shows, all added together. The award levels for the combined ROM are as follows:

Points Required Award
1000 Roll of Merit (+ROM)
2000 Bronze (+BR)
3000 Silver (+SR)
5000 Gold (+GR)
7000 Platinum (+PR)
10000 Diamond (+DR)

Live Show ROM
This ROM is calculated purely on points earned at live shows, and thus, the award goals are lower than that of the combined ROM. The awards are:

Points Required Award
300 Amber (+AR)
600 Ruby (+RB)
900 Sapphire (+SH)
1200 Opal (+OP)
1500 Emerald (+MR)
2000 Pearl (+PL)

The shortened award names (+ROM) are tags that may be added when advertising the model for stud, sale, or listing them on your stable. Only models that have had their nominations confirmed with the ROM Coordinator may use these award names.