Club Information


The club newsletter is released four times annually and each issue is packed full of model gossip, news from both Australia and overseas, results from shows, programs for upcoming events, advertising, how-to articles, and more. Published in a mix of black and white and colour, the newsletter also includes an extensive list of photo and live show advertisements around Australia and overseas. Members are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the newsletters.

Contact List

Please note that each member`s name, email address (if applicable) and web site (if applicable) will be published in each newsletter`s Member Contact List. If you wish for any of your contact details not to be disclosed, please advise the Editor upon joining. This information is not posted on the club`s website, forum, newsgroup or other public areas, and is not sold or given away.

Please notify the Editor of any change of address (postal, telephone number or email) as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your newsletters or other items.

Manuscripts and Photos

Written submissions are invited for publication. Manuscripts may be submitted on CD or via email. Files must be saved as either .doc or .txt. If you do not have access to a computer, neat handwritten submissions are also acceptable. Articles may be subject to editing for grammar or size issues as necessary. A proof of the article may be sent on request before the newsletter is printed.

Images should be sent as .jpg, .gif or .tiff format only, and should be at a resolution of at least 150 dpi for best results. Please include the photographer’s name and details for copyright clearance.

All articles are printed for free. We welcome and encourage members to contribute to the newsletters; member profiles, model profiles, articles, humourous pieces, tips, shows and results, and anything else hobby-related is welcome! Show programs should be forwarded to the Editor for inclusion in the newsletter, and may be subject to an advertisement fee. (See Show Advertisement Rates for more information.)


Publication Dates and Deadlines

Newsletters are published four times a year. The Editor must receive submissions for each newsletter by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

Issue Deadline
March 15 February
June 15 May
September 15 August
December 15 November






Advertising Rates

Each member may submit two 100-word classified ads per newsletter for free. Additional classifieds may be submitted for $1.00 each.

Additional Advertising Rates

Black and White Colour
Quarter-page ad $2.00 Quarter-page ad $3.00
Half-page ad $3.00 Half-page ad $6.00
Full-page ad $6.00 Full-page ad $12.00





These prices are correct as of January 2018. Advertising rates are different for non-members; please contact the Editor for these rates. All prices are in AUD.


Show Advertisement Rates

A large section of the AIMHC newsletter is dedicated to our extensive show listings. These shows are a mixture of Club shows, and shows run by our members. Show advertisements may only be placed by Club members.

  • Photo shows: $1.00
  • Live shows (maximum 3 A4 pages): $2.50

These prices are correct as of January 2018. All prices are in AUD.

Other Club Information


Junior Member: A member who is 17 years of age or younger. These members are eligible to enter the special Junior member-only classes in AIMHC Standard shows, and are eligible for the AIMHC Junior High Point Member of the Year award up until the year they turn 18.

Novice Member: All AIMHC members are considered novices for the first year that they are a member with the club, regardless of how long they may have been competing in outside photo or live shows. This one-year period will not be extended if the member does not participate in any shows immediately after they join.

Novice members may enter the special Novice only-classes in the Standard photo shows, and are eligible for the Newbie Member of the Year award. If an AIMHC member leaves the club for a period of time and then returns, they are not considered a novice the second time they return.

Mini: A mini model is defined as a model being of Paddock Pal or Little Bit (1:24 scale) size or smaller. This includes CollectA (except their 1:!2 models) and Schleich.


AIMHC is a club that is open to members of all ages. In light of this, AIMHC asks for members to refrain from using poor language (such as as swearing or innendo) in any contributions to the newsletter, or in posts on the AIMHC forum or Yahoo Group.

Good sportsmanship is required from all club members.

Hassling and targeting of other members will not be tolerated. If a member is found to be harassing another via personal contact (such as telephone, email, text message, private message or letter) or publically (via the club forum), then the member in question will be banned from all AIMHC activities (including entering shows and participating on the forum) for 30 days. A second occurrence will result in the member being banned for 60 days, and a third occurrence in the member being removed from AIMHC for a period of one year. Life bans may be enacted for members who continue such unsavory behaviour.

Members who are banned are not entitled to receive any refunded membership fees, and cannot be eligible for any HOTY member awards for the year in which their bad behaviour occurred.


AIMHC is a member-owned and run club created for the purpose of sharing model horse information with other collectors and other hobby purposes. Funds raised from memberships and other club activities are used solely for the purpose of creating , printing and posting the club newsletter, and in other endeavours that may benefit the club. No wages or other payments are made to the Editor nor any other AIMHC staff member for their work with the club. Contributors are not paid for their submissions.

Opinions expressed by contributing writers do not necessarily reflect those of the AIMHC.

AIMHC cannot be held responsibile for any sales transactions that occur due to classified or sales ads that are placed within the club newsletter. It is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to be aware of whom they are entering into a transaction with.

Privacy Policy

Please note that each member`s contact details (including name, address, phone number, email and website) will be stored by the AIMHC Editor for the purposes of distributing the quarterly AIMHC newsletter. Only member names, email addresses and state of residence will be published in the newsletter.

Ocassionally, other members may contact the Editor to collect a member`s contact details for purposes related to the club. When joining, all members need to sign and return a `Privacy Policy` form, indicating whether or not they would like their information shared upon request with other club members. Please notify the Editor if you do not want your information shared in these circumstances.